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  1. I need a stock & futures broker, or possibly just a futures broker to place trades at work.

    We are not allowed to download software, so I am having trouble figuring out which broker to use. I've looked at ThinkorSwim, but their "paper money" demo is extremely slow. I looked at OptionsXpress, but their quotes were lagging, and there were 3 buggy things I already noticed. Makes me wonder about their reliability.

    I don't plan on daytrading all day, but sometimes I'll see a setup coming and I'll want to act fast to get in at the perfect time. Don't want to submit my order, wait for a preview screen, then submit again. I just want to click once and buy.
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    With the webtrader you can trade from any location.
  3. I heard it was extremely slow. Don't know if that's true or not.
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    Only to start up (10 - 20 sec). Not to place trades.
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    1) Try robotic trading through Interactive Brokers:

    "...CoolTrade empowers traders to fully automate their strategies, from the simplest to the complex. The easy-to-use point and click interface provides hundreds of indicators for screening stocks and creating trading rules. No technical or programming knowledge is required. CoolTrade revolutionary Automated Trader then executes your strategies 100% on its own, buying, selling, and managing positions based on your profit goals. The system is the first of its kind to execute robotically, monitoring the market and trading all through the trading day. A Real-time Market Simulator is included to test during market hours. Traders will appreciate the leg up on the market with CoolTrade stealth-trading, profit protection, and fully robotic technologies...."

    Customers comments:

    * Enlight 2006-12-02 16:17:04 = "I turn it on in the morning and walk out of the house. It trades all day by itself. I love this system!"

    * Sorak99 2007-01-01 13:48:34 = "Easy to use, accurate, real-time."

    * BigBet 2006-12-11 12:58:45 = "See it run or have some fun. Either way - come back at the end of the day- and see how much you made. 100% automated - like go out of town automated."

    * 1928gus 2006-12-08 13:15:40 = "Logically speakiing, this software makes sense for the small trader and day traders. You can't beat the price: streaming data and full automation."

    2) Use IB's "Mobile Trader":


    3) Use IB's "Iceburg/Reserve" Orders:


    4) Use IB's "Hidden" Orders:


    I hope this helps.

  6. This was year ago when I traded with them, but might be worth a look. I traded futures through Mann Financial, they had a web based platform, although I don't know that it had a DOM