still don't like Cramer...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mjh, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Sounds like the perfect fade, which is probably what he and his "buddies" are doing every time he mentions a stock. :D

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  2. gaj


    for a while, his pumping a stock made nice money for me - fading it. it's not as consistent now...

    however, to his credit, he specifically tells people NOT to buy in after hours on his recos.

    they do it anyhow. not his fault.

    also, 'his buddies' - no, i really *don't* believe 'they' are fading his picks in advance. from everything i know, th enumber of 'buddies' is quite small. lots o' bridges burned there...
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  3. GSH1976


    Cramer is nothing but a Wall Street shill. I caught a little of his show a few weeks ago and he was trying to pump KBH right after the CEO resigned. Who cares that they have yet to file their most recent 10-Q or that they have received notice of default on some of their senior notes? Buy, buy, buy...

    Anybody who was following him before (see article below) had their ass handed to them:
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  4. dac8555


    I have a unique respect for cramer...he is one of the few guys that have really made it on the street, really loves it, and makes it fun. He has a good attitutde, and is probably likeable in person.

    not many people can do that.
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  5. decaff


    The website, allegedly tracks Cramer's Mad Money picks. Who knows how realistic it is. For one thing, it uses the price of the stock BEFORE he recommends it, so it probably overstates his performance by at least 10 %. as many of the picks (especially small caps) jump 10-20 % seconds after his pump. It shows that he has slightly underperformed the major averages since his show began in July, 2005, with more than 1000 recommendations.

    Imagine the commissions if one tried to buy and sell all this stuff.
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  6. He's dangerous and has an agenda. There should be an investigation on him. Spitzer ain't going to do anything, nor will the SEC.

    I read on a site or board, that him and Bartiromo were caught pumping a stock for personal gain. I do not know how much weight I give to this, but I do not trust him. One day he says one thing, then he says something completely different a couple of days later. I am always for doing your own research. When you get rec's from a guy like this, it is questionable at best. Look at his picks in the past, he's picked some really bad ones. No, I mean really bad ones. Here's a link on a few of them:

    He reminds me of those evangelicals on TV preaching G-d's work. Geez. He may had done well in his hedge fund, but his TV's recs are pretty off target most of the time.
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  7. I don't trust him
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  8. dac8555


    he is there for entertainment...they are not doing anything illegal. They tell you when they own a stock and when they dont...just like they are supposed to.

    they always have good picks and bad pick...just like you, me or anyone. they will say different things on different days becuse things change...come on.

    as you should know...making money in the markets is not about stock is about risk control. but people like to focus on stock picking, so that is what they do. how entertaining woul the show be if he talked avout risk control?
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  9. itcob58


    lol, i dropped cable in 1986 when price was 6.95, this is before all the entertainment started with the cnbc, it is all mind foder for the masses, leave the tv behind and be better traders.:D
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  10. hels02


    I've been mad at him since 2000... when he was the ONLY one to correctly call the top and tell people to start taking money out of the market. Every day, he'd say that he was taking more money off the table, and the market was slowly dropping. Most people simply bought into the dips, as they did for the previous 3 years. This was on his subscription only $TheStreet, which I got free at the time.

    Ignoring that advice cost me a lot of $$, and I can't bear to watch him. He's not always right, obviously, but I suspect a lot of people who did follow his advice in 2000 made, or saved, millions and now think he's god. I didn't. But it may explain why he has the credibility he does now.
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