still don't like Cramer...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mjh, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. mjh


    even though he pumped my stock and I made a killing, I still think he's a douchebag. Is it wrong?? LOL!
  2. he aint such a bad guy imo. compared to all the pos that populate wall st he's a saint.
  3. Jonathan


    Cramer's awesome! Why don't you like him?
  4. NEVER trust anyone who calls strangers 'buddy' or 'my friend'. That's the eternal mark of the bullshitter!
  5. My God are you guys kidding me? I only watch Kramer maybe once a week if that and I have a list as long as you could imagine filled with his bad advice. I have contacted him numerous times about going head to head he freely admits it " He's scared of the stonedinvestor. "

    His anti hedge fund schtick is just that a bunch of bologna. If you love Kramer go ahead and buy some more ARNA & DOW & Sears!
  6. traderob


    He is about as good as this guy:
  7. mjh


    People don't remember or never knew what a jag bag this imbecile is. He traded his hedge fund (allegedly) on inside info and also threatened to kill the family of a manager in his office at the time for getting a bad fill on Pfizer stock. (Read the book).

    I believe in forgiveness, but I can't stand it when someone as manic and arrogant as JC tries to bullshit and profit the unsuspecting and uneducated public for profit.

  8. gaj


    i don't know about 'compared to other advisors' but his action alerts portfolio was below the market averages for much of its 5 year 'run'.

    for every SHLD, there's a doubling down on an NT...
  9. Even I have to admit it's amazing the power he has with his show. He picks up a complete piece of S*%t that no one has ever heard of - one was Riverbed or Raindance or Riverdance I forget> but it's rare a stock comes by I haven't read something about-- well he mentions it and sure enough it starts going up! That's carrying a big stick. His advice though- it's awful.He began by putting all his listeners into Serius Satellite Radio; he called a new tech rally when there was none, all the Microtunes and Harmonic Lghtwaves crashed and really hurt people. Yet the lemmings came back. Then he pushed everyone into boring food and beverage stocks that move at the most a dollar and missed the recent tech rally. Inbetween he took the time to pimp some overseas stocks, BRIC, and it seems each time at just the wrong time. He had a nice success with Alegany ATI but it's most embarrassing when he tries to do biotech. I use my wife as a good barometer she always says get that crap off the air!
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