Still confused, which language i should start learn to design my ATS?

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to implement my trading rules into an automated system. I have worked with a professional MQL4 programmer to design my system using DLLs.

    However, now i would like to do the work by myself.


    1- To protect my intellectual property.
    2- more freedom to change/develop.
    3- less cost
    4-many forums, easy to find codes, coders.

    Relevant characteristics of my system:
    1- for forex first.
    2-It include much of mathematics, indicators, complicated MM, risk and Trade managements.
    3-The most favorable conditions for this system is to work on the sub-minute time frames.
    4- it can trade " on the one minute time frame" 1000-2000 trades per day. and *5 times putting pending orders.
    5- It used too many pending orders.

    I know MT4 is sucks but i am thinking is to use MT4 for research/deveolpment and primary testing. .Once shows potentiality , i will move to a real platform and real programing language.

    Now, i am thinking/planning seriously to learn a programming language to work/design on a certain trading system roles.

    So, the question, to learn MQL4 or what?

    NB. I found i spent much time with programmers to explain so i think i could use this time for learning the language..
  2. I'd say use amibroker, it is good to start with.

    Then when things are all tested, move to a real-time trading environment that can interface with broker API.

    Getting things done is more of an issue than dealing with perceived worries about IP.
  3. Thank you for your advice. But why AFL? please elaborate. What do you mean by good to start with?

    Is it easy to learn? I know it has a good forum and support
  4. No one cares about your "IP".
    There is no "IP" in something as ordinary as Forex trading.

  5. The OP has found the Holy Grail :p
  6. LeeD


    Amibroker offers a very concise trading strategy develoment laguage (which means you do less typing and it's easier to read). Its backtester speed is unparallelled (I am not exagerrating). On the other hand, it's possible to create forward-looking systems if you are not careful and for automatic trading you will most likely have to rewrite the system in a different language.

    For easy development, C# is probably unopposed now. A few years back Visual Basic (not .NET) and Delphi were good options but now they seem somewhat in decline. Any other popular general pupose laguage will have a steeper learning curve. (By "general purpose" I mean languge available outside a proprietary trading platform like MQL in metatrader and EasyLanguage in tradestation and muticharts).

    Ultimately, the best language is the one that makes you personally most productive. If a platform doesn't support the laguage of your choice you are better of changing the platform.
  7. gtor514


    I think the developers of MT folks pretty much realized their platform MT4 platform sucks. That's why they came out with MT5.

    MT5 looks like it's geared for use with multiple brokers/data feeds and exchanges - not just forex. It won't surprise me if in a few years several brokers will offer it as a platform to trade stock/futures/equities etc. much like NinjaTrader or something.

    I have only briefly looked at MQL5 but what struck me is the use of OOP (Object Oriented programming) and layout of functions. It is almost identical to C++ which I favor. Take a look at it. It may be you can learn two lanquages in one - MQL5/C++. So if at some point in the future your ready to move on to a different broker/ data feed it should be easy to migrate with C++ by using a DLL or something which most other platforms offer.
  8. Yes
    :D :p
  9. I appreciate your opinion and i consider it but what i make me still hesitated to learn MQL5.
    1- little documentation,tutorial and support " forum"
    2-I heard that there are some bugs still
  10. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
    Do you think i could use Amibroker for trading with Dukascopy using API?
    So you recommend, either Amibroker or Tradelink (C#). I see both are good choices. However, by choosing either, would this limit the number of forex ECN brokers i could work with?
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