Still Can't get it Right. I think its completely Subconciously

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  1. I really can read what's going on in the Market but still can't trade worth a Damn.

    I swear, I know more now than ever before but somehow seem to lose money even faster now than I did before.

    I"m not sure what to do anymore. I really need to give it up
  2. Sounds like you did so much mental damage to yourself during the learning phase that you cannot repair what's been done. Even though you have graduated to a better understanding of market dynamics, the trauma is still embedded in your brain and that supersedes any progress you can make.

    Its one of those things that most people don't consider when they set off down this path of learning to trade. But, if approached incorrectly and in a way where you put yourself through too much stress early on, either through sizing up too fast or blowing through several accts too quickly, it can be irreparable.

    Unfortunately I don't have any real advice other than it may be time to quit. Or...well...find a newb with no mental baggage from trading and teach him what you know. If you truly know what to do but just can't do it, it might be worth a shot.
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    A couple of days ago, somebody asked about

    They claim their method is "simple and without indicators"... I know that approach to be the best, so perhaps they are legit.

    They do classes and say you can buy their printed material for $300... and the printed has everything a class has. If you're desperate, might be worth looking into.
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    Very vague description. :confused:

  5. Research "Learned Helplessness"
  6. Example: I knew coming in to today there would be good opportunities on the short side. that we were going to head down. I haven't looked at the market in over 2 hours but we were heading that way earlier.

    Well, I managed to take 2 trades short and lost on both. Went short shortly after bouncing off support which I am not supposed to do but did it anyway and lost.

    My method called for waiting for a pull back and entering in a signal from 5 min. chart. well instead of waiting for the proper pullback I was too anxious to get trade on and also ignored making sure all criteria for entry was met before entering.

    so basically, had the market pegged just right earlier and not only coudln't capitalize fom it I lost money in trying to.
  7. If your method is good then....JUST FOLLOW YOUR METHOD!!

    Why is that so hard? It really should not be. The hardest part is finding something that works consistently. Once you have that, just make the trades that YOUR METHOD CALLS FOR....and nothing more.

  8. That is a lot easier said than done for those of us with psychological issues
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    You know what you did wrong. You either correct it or go do something else! But rest assured that a lot of traders here once made the same mistakes as you. At the end, it's all up to you.
  10. Yes, without more info hard to advise. How about a trading journal and trading diary. Write down what you see and what you are feeling. If you do that enough and are honest with yourself you will see a pattern emerge. Is it emotion that clouds your judgment at the last moment? Were you thinking clear headed before the emotion of real money became an issue?
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