Still begging for zero interest rates!

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    Talk about desperation, every other day he is pushing for zero interest rates, why with such a booming economy according to most economists would he be pushing the agenda for 0% rates, does he believe more fed easing will keep the bull market in fact and another second presidential term for him? Aside from that let's take a look at Europe and Japan and their economies with historical low rates, they have gone absolutely no where. This is going to be the last phase in this cycle where the world sees negative rates and a deep long recession, negative interest rates will not stave off a recession so I say bring the negative rates so we can get the party started!!!

    Trump says Fed ‘boneheads’ should cut interest rates to zero ‘or less,’ US should refinance debt

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  2. noddyboy


    Zero rates is probably coming. Everyone talking about a bond bubble but I don't think it will crash. It will just be jawboned to zero forever.
  3. S2007S


    And here is Cramer chiming in, saying no to negative rates, but saying zero rates are negative rates mean we're not in a robust economy howeveeerrrrrr zero rates means everything is fine and fu%king dandy...nothing but a joke.

    Cramer on Trump's 'boneheads' tweet: Fed should really cut rates but should not go negative
    Matthew J. Belvedere | @Matt_Belvedere
    Published 1 Hour Ago Updated 55 Mins
    • "Negative rates, no. You don't want negative rates. That's just a sign that we're not a robust economy," says CNBC's Jim Cramer.
    • The "Mad Money" host was reacting to President Trump calling the Fed "boneheads" in a tweet, and urging central bankers get rates "down to ZERO, or less."
    • The Fed is set to meet next Tuesday and Wednesday. Central bankers are widely expected to cut interest rates for a second time this year.
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    come on guys - where is the independent thinking skill, where is the pattern recognition? basic requirements to make some money in the market.

    3 years into his presidency and people still have not caught on how Trump operates? go read the 'art of the deal'.... you ask for a mile, you get a yard... you ask for a foot you will get an inch.

    sure he didn't mean zero... this tweet is just trying to make the next cut more like 50bps than 25.

    unbelievable.... stop watching the fake news! those things will destroy your brain lol.
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  5. Johan293


    If you think governments instead of private banks should create loans then zero or negative interest rates makes sense don´t you think? Since governments should reward ideas that takes society forward.
  6. S2007S


    50 basis points next week is hope and dreams. Never will happen. 25 basis points once again shouldn't even be factored in, but of course it will be because the fed bows to everything wallstreet fu%king wants...and then wallstreet wants another 1/4 in December and it will get it, and so the rates go down and the savers get fu@ked once again but no worries because wallstreet will get the zero rates it wants...
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    You sound incredibly frustrated.
  8. dozu888


    Trump does have a point - especially having made his dough in real estate where interest rate is a big thing... Euro at 1.5 vs 1.1 makes a big difference... other currencies as well.. affecting trade.

    Rate cut is like a tax cut, as the Fed basically gives all the interest earnings to the Treasury (less 6% member capital fees... something like that), so lower rates = less tax on the economy.

    Savers get F'ed, ok, maybe only have themselves and their financial advisers to blame? who said checking account has to pay interest lol... actually even bond investors have been doing ok, so far.... but the game has been so clear for so long, you gotta 'save' in assets, not in cash.
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    I don’t know if the US will get to zero but there are downsides to having interest rates significantly higher than your competitors - namely, in the case of the US, a stronger dollar which helps domestic buying power but hurts exports.

    And the US had $2.5 Trillion in exports in 2018 so this isn’t a trivial issue.
  10. S2007S


    Once the world goes to zero rates they will be there for decades ...this is only the beginning. No going back to normalization once you get a taste of what's to come.
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