Still an oil bull until.....

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    Just in theory,
    maybe the demand would skyrocket that much,

    if were talking about long term, like 10 - 20 years, the whole continent might experience the blossom of China like (?), transition of working force from big corps, cheap labor etc, suitable licenses for pollution (wheres china is paying much more attention to that right now) ;

    although electric vehicles are more expensive, there should be plenty of old ones/used ones from west & by that time for supply, there would be quite a middle class forming in continent that could afford it. Also the weathers of region are so welcoming for solar .

    But maybe, all of that supply, would remain in west.

    whyoilisimportant (2).jpg

    I already can imagine an add on African tv orianteted to that growing middle class :

    First person, - driving simple car, stops for gas.
    Continues to drive, stops for gas, all wet,...
    Stops again to fill the tank, looks to the sky, suffering from heat.

    Next person, - traveling inside electric vehicle all day long. Stops for a super charge. Journey on autopilot, kids playing in backseat, while the driver is watching a movie with hands crossed. Inside temperature is cool, because of cooler.
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    My GUSH holdings have been very sweet the last few days
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  4. WTI at $61.70 USD 12.27.2019 only −3.59375% to go. Global outlook for price target is within range of speculative mark (CALL 2020 1Q)