still a bear market but going a higher

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. just a normal bear rally. bear market rally's can be viciously strong to the up sucking in unsuspecting investors. i remember 2000 -2001.we would get huge spikes and then sell off the rest of the week. just put the rally into proper context.

  2. 1.Use tight stop losses.

    2.Use Fibonacci retracements correctly to see where the market will retrace. Where these cockroaches might start shorting it..

    3.Use common sense/ trade liquid equities and leaders.

    4. Use daytrading skills, nimbly walk in stalk and than hit and run.

    5. No huge positions and porfolios please.

    Smoke these suckers out, its a cowardly bunch out to get people's nest eggs, a serpent sneaking up..
  3. 6. Ignore forum stupidity from posters who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground.
  4. true about the reversal trap (2000-2001 had many). but why bother posting here, most of the et bulls started investing in 2004 and couldn't recognize a bear if it bit off their genitals.
  5. A rally is a rally, regardless of whether you are in a BEAR or BULL MARKET. If you get 30 handles over a one hour period, or a 3 day period . . . If you are a Trader, who cares?

    Moreover, no one I know of has a "crystal ball" to figure out whether or not a low like the one made today, was THE FINAL low of a Bear market.

  6. Very true.