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    <p>Stiglitz seems to be a voice in the wilderness, not corrupted by Wall Street and one of the few making sense out there. From <a href="">his website</a>:</p>
    <p><span class="style1">Stiglitz on the Current Financial Crisis and the State of the Economy </span></p>
    <p class="style2"><em><strong>Papers and testimony</strong></em></p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Too Big to Fail or Too Big to Save? Examining the Systemic Threats of Large Financial Institutions</a>, testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, April 21, 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Regulation and the Theory of Market and Government Failure</a>, in New Perspectives on Regulation, D. Moss and J. Cisternino, eds., Tobin Project, forthcoming.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">The Anatomy of a Murder: Who Killed America's Economy?</a> Critical Review, 21(2), forthcoming.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">The Current Economic Crisis and Lessons for Economic Theory</a> Eastern Economic Journal, forthcoming (President Address at the 2009 Eastern Economic Association Conference, New York, February 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Testimony at the Regulatory Reform Hearing</a>, Congressional Oversight Panel, January 14, 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Testimony on &quot;The Future of Financial Services Regulation,&quot;</a> House Financial Services Committee, October 21, 2008.</p>
    <p><span class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">The Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 and its Macroeconomic Consequences</a>, presented at the June 2008 meeting of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue Task Force meeting on Financial Markets Reform, June 2008 (click <a target="_blank" href=";iyid=5&amp;itid=1250">here</a> for more information and papers from the meeting.</span></p>
    <p class="style7">Newspaper and magazine articles and op-eds</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Developing Countries and the Global Crisis</a>, Project Syndicate, April 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Obama's Ersatz Capitalism</a>, The New York Times, April 1, 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">Reform is Needed. Reform is in the Air. We Can't Afford to Fail</a>, The Guardian (UK), March 27, 2009.</p>
    <p class="style2"><a target="_blank" href="">A Bank Bailout That Works</a>, The Nation, March 23, 2009.</p>
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    Stiglitz is a pretty good economist but as with all economists he has his biases and so his arguments can be fairly biased because of that.
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  4. Agreed ....

    Politics and Economics....

    Are like Oil and Water....

    The two party by advertising/lobbyist system has got to go....