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  1. Howdy all,

    I'm having an increasing problem with my neck getting really stiff, and sometimes having neck spasms if I look upwards too much. What has helped me the most so far is switching from a standard computer chair to this chair:

    but I still have problems if I bend my head upwards too much.

    The thing that the above chair does is keep my spine curving forward in one smooth curve, whereas the computer chair I was using basically allowed my spine to go into a backwards "S" shape...basically what was happening was my back would be curved forward, while my neck was bending backward as I lifted my head upwards at my screens. That "S" bend is what I'm trying to stop altogether, and I'm hoping someone has a better solution.

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    I'm using this one:
    because the kind of chair you are using caused problems with my knees (or the other way round).

    I set up my monitors to be at about the same height as my eyes, so i do not have to look up or down.

    Sorry, don't have a webcam to show you a picture. I just put a little platform on top of a normal desk, my monitors are placed upon this platform.

    That and doing some exercises has avoided problems with my back/neck up to now (maybe they are still to come?).


    Bernd Kuerbs
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  4. Thanks. I especially like the pic of the girl on their website. :D Any way she comes with the chair, or maybe on it???

    Do you find that this chair helped your neck be comfortable, or was adjusting your monitor height more impt?
  5. This girl is having way too much fun on the swoper:

    Also when I see those Herman Miller chairs, I get the creeps. I recall dot coms, bankruptcies, layoffs and a plummeting NAZ. Too many bad associations.
  6. Take Pilates classes for your back problems.
  7. do back extension exercises..or better yet, watch your wife or girlfriend do them

    lol but anyways, yeah, nothin like a good chair!
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    They did not send the girl with my chair. Anyway, what do you wanna do with her? You are doomed to trade... :D

    I can't tell what has more influence upon what problem, but I think adjusting the height of the monitors should help relieve your neck problems. The chair is intended to prevent and relieve any back problems.


    Bernd Kuerbs
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    There's two different versions of the Aeron chair that I've seen online: the fully adjustable one is $800 and the not-so-adjustable is $600.


    Is the seat comfortable on the Aeron chair? Is it mesh? I want the seat to breathe so I don't get a sweaty butt...
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