Stick a Fork In Microsoft: "Google Unveils a PC Operating System"

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  1. aegis


    So Google is in the OS business now, huh?

    Awesome. They'll be keeping track of every mouse click and selling the data to the government.
  2. Microsoft has gotten used to selling bloated, crappy, over-featured, over-priced OS/software riddled with security problems, and they never had to worry about competition.

    Google entering this market will be good because:
    1) MS would be forced to lower its insanely high prices
    2) Quality of OS and general software design would improve due to increased competition
  3. Sorta depends on software capability, I would think. Mac was great for a while until you couldn't find anything to run on it.
  4. Anyone else see that this OS will be open-source and free download, just like the Chrome browser?

    Google isn't spending millions/billions to drive out microsoft, they're just creating a very simple platform and allowing the world to take it down - they must have seen the success of Linux and smartly decided to follow suit.

    Microsoft on the other hand tries to catch up to Google in the search engine business. Bing is a joke.
  5. DOD will be vista compliant by Dec 31, 2009. Mandatory.
  6. bl33p


    This is just great. Windows XP was good, but Microsoft killed it by launching Vista, which broke compatibility with lots of past apps and thus killing the reason for staying with Microsoft. This is their biggest mistake *ever*.

    Since Vista came out there's been nothing from stopping people migrating away from Microsoft. I know so many hardcore professionals who have migrated to a Mac in the past years simply because there was no more reason to stay with Windows.

    Google OS will be the definite Netbook OS. And in time, much more. Why choose any other Linux when Google's backing this one.
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    I've been using Windows 7 beta and it works perfectly on my computer. It's fast and gives me no problems.
  8. I do not trust Google. I don't use Google anymore for search, I use Bing.
  9. Not many charting applications run on Mac.
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