Stick a fork in McCain

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  1. Haven't you heard? McCain (and the Republicans) don't want this mess. Hand it over to a rookie like Obama. The Pubs have already raped and pillaged the poor dumb Democrats. Let them try to take care of this mess! And blame the next 4 years of what will be total crap on Obama!
  2. Now the extreme right refrain is 'Repubs are throwing the election,' after seeing their incompetent, clueless party and horses crumble into a pile of shit!

    Too fucking funny!!! You are true dipshits of epic proportions.


    Obama is charitable as he has to clean up after the retard you voted for twice in the last 8 years.

    But he'll pull it off.
  3. Might as well, we got handed this shit by Clinton. Let a marxist try to sort out the coming mess while we kick back with a nice relaxing drink and have a good laugh :D
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    You don't even try to think, do you? Your guy had eight years in office to do whatever the fuck he wanted, you can't keep blaming the previous guy for everything.

    That bullshit is so lame, you don't even get points for effort.
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    Exactly... Except with that ass ruining(oh did I say ruin) I meant running the country(LOL) We might not be around long enough to have that drink.
    So I will go have mine now and get started on my bobmb shelter!
    Better stock up on provisions too.
  6. McCain and Bush:

    We just can't afford trillions of more 'bailouts' caused by 'Maverick' deregulation of financial markets, nor a quadrupling of the national debt.

    John McCain wants to nationalize the residential real estate industry. Is he senile?

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    "Stick a fork in McCain"

    When Hussein Obama moves into the White House, you can stick a fork in the US of A as well.