Stewart does Bain

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  2. Great vids .I love Stewart.I only wish beck was still popular because those were my favorite Stewart skits
  3. Good stuff! Of course, hear the massive silence on the right:D
  4. Romney is really big contradiction because:

    1. He talk about capitalism is great and the destruction of the companies is needed. (Destructive capitalism)

    2. Destructive capitalism make many people become poor.

    3. This people go to the government funds for help.

    4. Romney is saying to people he is not concerned for the poor because they have safety net.

    5. So he justify for him to become very rich by making people lose their job, because this people are supplemented from TAXPAYERS.

    6. Then Romney try to play the class warfare to have the middle class vote for him, and he tell the middle class he really care for them because this poor people can have government moneys (safety net) taxpayer money, and the rich have thier money, but he is looking to help middle class.

    7. His destruction of jobs so he can make money is really funded from the taxpayer.
  5. I am saying Romney really trying hard for the middle class vote. This (same) middle class is paying the taxes for some people to have help from the welfare when they have no job because he destroy some jobs with the leveraged buyout.
    So how can he explain and preach his capitalism, when in the system of the destructive capitalism, Romney need taxpayer money (from the same middle class) to pay and help the poor he create?
  6. Romney is the republican to say keep the government away from the private business, true? I think if he is really true to his belief, when he make the destructive capitalism with the leveraged buyout (debt he is does not have to pay back) , than he is responsible for the people he destroy the jobs to, NOT taxpayers money. With millions of the dollars profit to his family/church y nothing to the people he destroy, is this capitalism?
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    Believe it or not some people prefer to get their political commentary from somewhere other than comedians.
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    Didn't bother to listen to what Jonathan Macey said, did you?
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    Good post.
  10. The conservative mind doesn't understand comedy and how it can inject levity when explaining a complicated subject.
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