steven schonfeld, BILLIONAIRE

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  1. hitnrun


    one the most successful guys in the proprietary trading industry

    did not realize he made that much cash . a true pioneer
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    Congrats Steve. Good guy who did it right.
  3. Not all people have the luxury of being staked to trade other peoples money at a true "prop firm". Many people started trading their own money learning to trade and also became successful trading in the pits and risked everything. Whether it was 10k or 50k.

    If you have no college degree and are trying to make it from nothing, no money and make it trading. you have to come from nothing and risk you own money because your chances of getting a job at a "prop firm" are slim.

    "Arcade" trading allows people to risk a certain amount in order to receive both leverage and direct access just like the people in the pits used to do when they went in there with borrowed or saved money.. And yes its true you can walk in with 50k and leave with nothing. Yes its true the pits died down and they traded the order flow. But the principal is in taking a chance to become a trader and come from a deposit and make a living

    And fyi people have learned to trade either at arcades, or on their own too and have become successful at day-trading
  4. Quants only account for 1/3 of revs?
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    that article is from 2009
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    still is a billionaire
  7. One billion dollar net worth!! That's a whole lot of living to live up to in one lifetime!
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    Brings to mind the old saying.. you never get rich working for another. Good to see someone who worked hard for themselves at successful.
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    my friend is a trader with them for years & knows steve personally & said he is a good guy
    a great story of a self made man. the real deal
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