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Discussion in 'Trading' started by EpiphanyTrading, May 10, 2009.

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    Steven Nison is a world famous technical analyst. Does anyone use his analysis now? I would like your feed back.

    Brendan P. Byrne
  2. You forgot to mention your conference where he is alleged to be one of your featured speakers this coming Saturday. Happy Mothers Day! :cool:
  3. Tricky question by you considering that Steve will be soon speaking as a featured speaker hosted by you.

    Note: I got the above info from your website.

    Simply, why do you need our feedback when you can just wait less than a week to ask those that attend your seminars/conferences :confused:

    Just in case you had a sincere question...

    You can read his books for free at most public libraries with the understanding that he doesn't provide a complete trading plan (all that stuff that occurs after entry).

    Last of all, I see that your most recent message posts have been mentioning what services you offer.

    Simply, I highly recommend you become an ET sponsor before the alias TraderZones finds out.

    If he finds out you being sneaky in spamming your services here...

    ET management will find out and your membership here at ET will be zapped (killed).

    P.S. You're a spammer and if you really need ET members to know about your method and those you do business with...

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    Byrne, it's about time you just pony up the ET sponsorship fee. We recognize that you're elated to find Baron has assembled an audience of traders, but you're taking away from those who really pay to advertise. Plus it just cheapens the environment for the rest of us.
  5. Brendan, you have to be a bit smarter about spamming these forums. I just read another post of yours where you say you're profitable 18 days out of 20. No trader who's profitable 18 days out of 20 will be posting on an anonymous internet forum asking other anonymous pikers about Nison.

    Also, I'd suggest you take down the video at the Epiphany site which features you commenting on the markets in real time. It kind of makes you look like you don't really know what you're talking about. No doubt you're better than that video makes you out to be. I'm assuming the vid I'm thinking of is you, because I know the other one is Erik. If it's not you, please accept my apologies, but the advice still stands.
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    Yes, Steven Nison is speaking at the Epiphany Trading Conference. He has a close relationship with my partner Frank Delaney. I trade very different from Frank. Frank is a HUGE trader. I am not. When I say that, I mean that he has had profitable and losing days in the 5 figures. I would have a hard time eating or sleeping if I lost that much money in a day. I like to make a G a day. That is what I am capable of right now. However, I am more consistent due to the discipline I was taught by Erik Kolodny. I am profitable 18 out of 20 days per month. This past week was phenomenal, way above average.

    So, to answer your question, I am not a huge expert or follower of Steven Nison or Candle Charts. I am going to be learning too. I do know that Epiphany Trading has laid out a good amount of money for him to be there. I am looking for feedback to confirm that I wrote checks for the right reason.

    Again, does anyone have feedback on Steve Nison, opposed to conspiracy theories?

    Brendan P. Byrne
  7. If Steven Nison is a "world famous technical analyst", then I'm a "pope".

    Candle sticks and bars are the same thing, just drawn differently. I really feel sorry for those who are being fooled by him.

    But I have to give Nison the credit for being a famous salesman. :D
  8. :)

    Brendan, buddy. You need to take the rest of the day off. Do you seriously think Erik would want you representing Epiphany here on ET by making a ridiculous statement like this?

    So let's see... you run an advisory site, and you wrote a big check to get Steve Nison to do a seminar... and now you're posting on an anonymous internet forum to figure out if you've made the right move? You're looking for 'feedback' from whom? What sort of feedback are you looking for? If we tell you Nison is a fraud are you going to cancel the seminar? So he has a close relationship with your partner, but talking to your partner about him isn't enough for you? Did you not consult with your partner before hiring Nison? You need to come here for a second opinion???? So at Epiphany you write checks to 'world famous analysts' and then comes on ET to figure out if you've made the right move?

    I'm going to shoot Erik a PM just to point this post out, and don't try to edit it because I've already copied it. Seriously, man. Take the rest of the day off. You're not at the top of your game.
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    Thank you, this is what I was looking for. I do not use candle sticks either.
  10. Lets be clear about one thing.

    If you are not a sponsor and have not gotten the green light from ET management to mention your website, services you offer or seminars/conferences...

    You are spamming.

    I'll remind you one more time because you seem to not acknowledge the above in your reply to me.

    Please contact Baron to pay to become a sponsor here at ET and that will give you the right to discuss any aspect of your services.

    However, if Baron has already given you the green light to discuss your services here...

    Let us know so that we can stop with the conspiracy theories. :cool:


    Last of all, if you need to know about Steve Nison material or about anyone that's well knowlegble about Japanese Candlestick analysis...

    You should use ET search funtion because there are dozens and dozens of different message posts about Steve Nison or about Japanese Candlestick Analysis.

    I myself have posted a very useful thread about one particular aspect of Japanese Candlestick Analysis although it's different than what Steve Nison teaches...

    You should read that thread from start to finish and then compare it with what you've paid Steve Nison...

    My thread is free and I will still respond to any questions posted in that thread eventhough it's been inactive :cool:

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