Steven Greer: Alien Danger is an Agenda to Induce FEAR

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  1. among world population.

    The Elite always wants to threat us with something.
    First it was the ever burning HELL. (church agenda)
    Recently, here is the list of who we should fear:

    - saddam hussein and his WMD,
    - terrorists,
    - osama bin laden,
    - wikileaks.

    but guess what? the ultimate danger are.... yes, ALIENS from out of space!
    Ronald Reagan told exactly about this before UN in 80s!

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  2. pspr


    Obama was supposed to tell us about the UFO presence back in 2009 but he chickened out. I think the aliens threatened to release his college transcripts if he outed them.
  3. It is common knowledge that Western Elite which are guys behind central banks want half the world population dead

    and the other half made slaves with modern technology
    THese guys love satanic ceremonies too. If you don't believe me I can post proof.
  4. From movie Matrix in 1999 Neo's passport shows date

    Sep 11 2001


    This is how elite like to play games through media, they give the slaves clues, and laugh about it in their secret meetings like Bilderbergers
  5. LoL yeah just like Tarkovsky predicted the date of his own death in his film "Stalker" where that piece of paper floats by in the puddle and shows a date circled. If you watched enough movies or read enough books you'd find a date for everything in history that ever happened.

    It really cracks me up. I only figured out this part of the forum even exists on ET. Guys, I believed in that kinda conspiracy stuff when I was 14. It was fun, and a replacement for the fairy tales i was read as a kid, but seriously, i'm just "lol" in your face :D right now.
  6. the reason your laugh means nothing to me nor to most other people is because few years ago you were laughing at existence of something called Bilderbergers

    SO conspiracies exist, the fact that you are too naive to understand the reality you live, that's your problem pal :cool:

    not mine

    You are the type that laughs till you can't laugh anymore, then you find something else to laugh about. I am not laughing at you, I pity you.
  7. Obama doesn't know anything about them. They won't allow him to know. Untrustworthy.