Steven Cohen Has a Penthouse Problem

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  2. I wonder how much he'll have to drop the price to sell it.
  3. No worries, he will just frontrun some more buyouts to make up the loss.
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    Look Inside Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen’s $33 million Manhattan Mansion (CNBC)
    Billionaire Steve Cohen‘s 9,600-square-foot Manhattan triplex (yes, you read that right), is for sale and it’s listed for $33.5 million. The home, built in 1905, is located in the Abingdon, a luxe building described in the listing as “the most coveted prewar condo conversion in the heart of West Village.” Dubbed the Abingdon Mansion, Cohen’s condo was custom designed for “entertaining and showcasing important art.”
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    gym.jpg Gym's too small.
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