Steven Chu must go

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Obama needs to oust Chu. And quickly approve the Canadian pipeline.
    This would be jobs very soon and we need the stability in our oil supply. Obama needs to do this and some other things to help his chances at reelection and more importantly for the country. Clean energy is a good idea but probably wont happen in most of our lifetimes, we need to work on it in research but not as a current energy policy.
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    Salazar, too.
  3. Obama's not going to approve the pipeline till 2013 for election purposes. That darn Obama has put off so much stuff till after the election he is going to be one busy guy in 2013.
  4. Is it possible that there is still one Republican left not influenced by endless corporate lobbying? in this case oil and pipeline companies. Shouldn't the title of this piece be "Dave Heineman must go" ?

    "Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said the State Department decision (on Canada-Gulf pipeline) was due largely to pressure from Nebraskans. Heineman called a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to address pipeline concerns, including a possible rerouting of the pipeline around the Sandhills, a region that includes a high concentration of wetlands and the Ogallala aquifer.

    Heineman, a Republican, called the State Department decision "an exceptional moment for Nebraskans" and a sign their voices have been heard."
  5. I'd read that. Both sides are full of shit and playing games, politics and money. It's amazing everything works as well as it does.