Steve46 and Samson77 ruined another thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by takenoprisoners, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Actually it hasn't quite happened as you describe. Not theirs, but your very first post on that thread started with the contentious line:

    "What is this another pissing contest?"

    Then your next post continued that antagonistic approach with:

    "As far as your b.s. question..."

    Samson77 didn't get hostile or abusive until his post earlier today:
    And then you made this "complaint" post twice in that thread and then repeated it a third time in starting this thread. It's a useful discussion that steve46 started on trading edge and if it inflames you that much we have a wonderful Ignore feature at ET.
  2. That's right because Steve46 thread was a "challenge" to me personally- thus my response about the pissing contest. He posted it in another thread about taxes but I failed to see it there. But I answered his question as best I could. Then apparently Steve46 concluded- I was Samson77 and then Samson77 got in a huff.

    Baron said he would ban both of them if they destroyed another thread. I say they both did. Ban them already!
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  4. So you think it is okay for the two of them to ruin another thread Spydertrader?

    That's because they don't go to your journals and disrupt it because neither of them trades imo. What would they do there?
  5. Baron

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    They didn't ruin another thread because I just deleted all of the off topic posts, including yours.
  6. Yes, I noticed you dumped my post.

    What a load of bullshit you are Baron.

    My post was very on the mark.

    What bullshit you you promulgate.
  7. I'm simply suggesting other, more effective, methods exist for handling the situation. Initiating yet another Cindy Brady 'Tattle Tale' Thread in the Feedback Section of this web site invites more criticism onto yourself than it provides solutions to the alleged problem. With respect to Steve46 or Samson77 posting to the Journals, both have posted to Journal One without incident. One situation did develop late last fall in Journal One, but the moderator(s) appropriately and professionally dealt with the sock puppet. Rather than start a 'Feedback Thread' on the incident, I sent a PM thanking the moderator for their assistance.

    Hope that helps.

    - Spydertrader
  8. Hi Baron,

    Have you consider manually entering particular members profiles and setting up a permanent ignore list for members that seem to have chronic problems towards each other...

    For those that just can't seem to resist responding to each other with more personal attacks, off-topic discussion, abusive language or antagonistic remarks et cetera.

    I mean...only you (Baron) or a moderator can edit members ignore list (removing names after a name has been added) while the member can add names to it anytime they want.

    Then...if the member wants to have a name removed...he/she must contact you or a moderator to have such done for situations where a name was added accidentally to the ignore list.

    I just think a lot of the constant chronic bickering would stop because most for some odd reason cannot get up the courage to use the ignore feature themselves.

    It obviously won't stop it completely but will help remove a lot of it.

    Just a thought because these arguments have become gangreous and is spreading to many different forums here at ET when they obviously should be thrown in Chit Chat or deleted.

    Simply, when these types of arguments that are full of personal attacks, profanity et cetera spreads beyond the Chit Chat forum...

    It must be an eyesore for your sponsors.

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