Steve46 and Hypostomus Debate Trading Strategy

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  1. I am 61. I am a fool. Socrates is my intellectual hero. I assert that intraday index future trading is a broadly philosophical exercise. I challenge Steve46 to debate me civilly and rationally.
  2. What is there to talk about .

    I have no objection to anything you have said thus far.

    You have every right to define yourself, your role models and approach trading in any way you please.

    I view trading and finance as subject to the rules of scientific method. I am able to function without bringing any philosophical data into this arena.

    I would be interested to know how adding philosophical data helps you to obtain an edge. As I have said before I am never too proud to learn something new.

  3. this is one of the funniest and most ignorant posts ever. he is truly a mullet sporting parrot. obviously, he cant add to this discussion, but bravo to you hypo for trying.

  4. I dont believe you have been invited here. I am waiting for a reply from the original poster. Delete your worthless comment. When we want some comic relief, one of us will ask you to post.




    You know Hypo, I have no doubt that you have something of value or of interest to contribute. I simply object to the format that you have chosen thus far. If you have a point to make I am capable of responding in kind.
  5. maxpi


    Now how am I going to view this great debate if I have half the main participants on ignore?? Please quote steve a lot so I can keep up, like I can keep up in a philosophical debate but you never know, that one guy came out of the coma and is talking after decades in the ozone.

    I had a philosophy teacher try to give me zero percent for all the work in a class right before the final test once. I proved [to my satisfaction] that everything he stood for was garbage and he did not like it one bit. I only argue online, where it counts, since that terrible day when one more nail was put into the coffin my education was eventually buried in.

    I recall that Gordon Gekko was a bigtime philosopher and used to post at ET all the time, then he got a life a guess. Maybe this debate will lure him back so we can all marvel at his feats of intellect since Steve does not want to play.
  6. Again if you have not been invited why post?

    Again if you have nothing of substance to add (as is often the case) why post?

    and why ridicule the idea of a debate on this subject?

    This is why people like me end up verbally abusing you. You have nothing of value to add, yet you show up and offer this kind of crap. Apparently nothing is to be done without your approval.

    Yeah, I think its a good idea to keep me on ignore.

  7. Exodus


    This from ET's biggest TROLL :eek:

    Hypo forget about steve46 the guy has serious issues and has plagued ET as a TROLL since the day he arrived.

    He has tried to tell us all that he:

    1. Used to be a Mafia Boss
    2. He was an Engineer
    3. He ran a Hedge fund
    4. He ran a Prop shop
    5. He produced movies in Hollywood
    and just recently
    6. He regularly rubs shoulders with several of the BEST hedge Fund managers in the industry.

    All the time he has consistently shown NO signs of being a profitable trader EVER yet he is the first TROLL to attack anyone in here with arrogant / ignorant remarks.

    Just ignore the guy .... like the rest of us do!!!!
  8. not to mention he consistently violates ET's terms of service contract with his foul language. surprised he was not banned a long time ago. at a minimum, he owes the ET community an apology for debasing the site with the harrasing and foul language.

  9. Hey Ozzy:

    Hope you are having some kind of holiday (a pleasant and safe one I presume) wherever you are today.

    As to the other folks, what can you say?

    The usual suspects and their assorted aliases. This reminds me of the movie "Dumb & Dumber"..In fact, it seems that we have not only dumb and dumber here, but dumb, dumber and dumbest all in the same room so to speak. :)

    Now if you will excuse me, I want to see if Hypo had anything to say earlier in the day.

  10. While it may be that you are involved with other tasks, I want you to know that I continue to have interest in your comment whatever it might be.

    As it stands now, you have indicated your interest in debating the subject as it relates "broadly" to philosphy. I have stated that I have no need for philosophical input, but that I am always interested in learning how that might help one to gain a tradeable edge.

    If I have mis-stated your comments please let me know at your convenience.

    Thank you

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