Steve Wynn is right!

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  1. Steve Wynn recent comment...........

    "Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization's history. For some reason that simple truth has evaded everybody. The only thing that creates an increased standard of living is giving someone a job, the demand for their labor -- whether it's you and I, Chris, or anybody else. The people that are paying the price for this juggernaut of federal spending are the middle class and the working class of America."

    AMEN Steve Wynn! :cool:
  2. What are you talking about?

    They increased the quality of life of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan employees.

    Please state the correct facts.
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    The sad part is 90% of Americans due to indoctrination of the last 30 years will automatically reject that statement.

    I will say it here.

    get ready Fobama will be a 2 termer.

    I pray every day I am wrong.
  4. This reminds me of the Ross Perot/Al Gore debates for some reason. Where Perot actually knew what he was talking about but Gore was a blabbering dipshit.

    Lady = Blabbering Dipshit

    I really don't think Obama has a chance for a 2nd term but we'll see. Anyways I'm voting Ron Paul
  5. That is very true....many Americans have no idea what it takes to run a successful business as many spend their whole life working for corporate america. The real backbone of the American economy is built by those who start and run small businesses, and that perspective seems to be diminishing in this country.
  6. Amen. USA built on entreprenurial spirit which is vanishing.

    Bye, Bye USA .
  7. They have increased the standard of living for nearly everyone working in the aircraft industry and space industry. The guy you are quoting sounds like an idiot to me.
  8. You obviously do not know anything about Steve Wynn then. Sure, the aircraft/airline industry is doing so wondrous with all the government help.....LOL!!!

    I left the airline industry many years ago.....what a complete disaster that sector of the economy is in.
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  10. really. so when the government stepped in and passed anti segregation laws that allowed blacks in the deep south to get an education, that did nothing for their standard of living?
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