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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sterling, Aug 6, 2001.

  1. Hi All

    I was wondering if any Tradestation users have read Steve Woods Book called "Precision Float Indicator" He has come up with an indicator for Tradestation that uses float analysis to identify bottoms and tops, support and resistance, accumulation and distribution. I have signed up for his weekly free newsletter and his success rate is outstanding. Has anyone used this indicator? Has anyone tried to convert this formula to Metastock?

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    Hey Sterling

    I've been getting his newsletter for about a year and I saved all the emails. I've been meaning to checking out his performance, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    How long have you been getting his emails? The reason I ask is, I'm trying to figure out how you determined his success rate. Have you been getting his emails for a while now, and you keep track of his recommendations? Or does he have a website where he has a track record posted, but you can't really verify the results?
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    I have only been getting his newsletters for 3 weeks. But,
    his prognostications sure are accurate. I'm not suggesting that anyone blindly enter a trade sorely on the basis of these newsletters. I mainly posted this thread to see if anyone had converted the 4 indicators that comprise his float indicator into Metastock format and to spur interest in another subject besides the usual "Whats new at Interactive Brokers this week" dialogue!!!

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