Steve Rifkin Natures Force Mentoring

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by RhinoGG, May 25, 2004.

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    Steve Rifkin Natures Force Mentoring

    I am seriuosly considering signing up for his mentoring service, however, I'd just like to know if anyone here at Elite Trader has any experience with him, or could offer any more information about his service.

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  2. he is an excellent excellent trader.... the real deal .. BUT i have no knowledge or experience of his teaching ... heard he is expensive for mentoring....... i would like to know about him too...
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    I'm pretty sure he has a week trial to give an idea of what he does. I have heard him when I stop in Market Vu show on Paltalk. He seems honest and has made good calls , and readily admitted when he was wrong on trades.
  4. I looked at his website, and he talks on and on about the value of mentoring

    he talks about how tiger woods pays 1m per year for his coach

    he talks about how you will pay 40-50 per hour to fix your computer

    he talks about how you will pay up to 80 per hour for a plumber

    ....but he wont say what he charges

    When I was reading this, I wasn't asking what plumbers, computer repair, or golfing coaches charge, I was wondering what HE charged!

    Now, he may be the real deal, and it may be worth what it costs

    But every vendor of any kind who uses that technique of long drawn out discussions about the value of the service, without discussing or disclosing detail of cost, in my experience grossly overcharged and gouged

    my opinion only
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    $ 7,500 I think, why not make it $8K tho :p
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    Thank you all for replying!

    To clarify, his fee is 6k for 2 months of real time mentoring. Yes, 6k is a lot to charge, which is why I'm trying to find out as much as possible before I commit. I know, I know, do the free trial. I plan to, but I thought someone may have already done so, and could shed more light.

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    Not quite the same as a free trial, but you can get Paltalk free(with annoying popups) and listen to him on the market vu show under buisness on Paltalk. I think they have a schedule of guests at the website . Not positive on that, but if you listen in for a few days you should here him and he seems to go through his thought processes when he is on.
  8. I have spoken to him but never traded with him. He is EXTREMELY disciplined, which really is the Holy Grail of trading, if that is your issue, he may be able to offer guidence. His methodology is very labor intensive, tight stops, he easily takes a loss, easily reverses positions...... and moves on. The market action tells him what to do.....I don't think he is into "intuition"...but from what I know...pivot points, geometric progressions, and fibbonnacci. I guess you have to ask yourself if this compliments your trading style. You will only know after taking the week trial.

    Keep us posted!
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    Ask Steve for references of prior and current members, he was more than happy to give them to me.
    Also ask him for the charts that he based his trades on for that day. I decide not to go that route.

  10. Ah, what's $6000 when the guy is obviously going to make you a millionaire...
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