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  1. Has anyone here attended a Steve Nison live seminar? I'll be attending one soon and just curious to hear any thoughts, opinions, recommendations, etc. Thanks!
  2. What for?

    Ever heard anyone trading big money attribute their success to "candlesticks"?!

    What a joke. It's a visual gimmick for amateurs.
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    could be the way he delivery materials, not very interesting.
  4. Risk - thank you for that very well thought out post. I have heard that many 'big' traders use candlesticks in their analysis. My trading partners and I use them heavily, so something like this is useful for us.

    It may not be useful for you, but try to conduct yourself like a man (or woman), not a jerk. Thanks anyways.

    Back to my question, I'd appreciate any feedback on Steve's live seminars from someone that has actually attended one, unlike our friend here.
  5. nkhoi - you are right, his delivery can be dry, but we'll have to deal with that. We've had success using candlesticks with other technicals, but are looking to refine that knowledge and this upcoming seminar was the first that really peaked our interest. The nice thing about a seminar like this is that we don't need to attend it every year or anything like that. Maybe just a refresher now and again.
  6. I'd rather be a jerk than let some impostor/Steve Nison promoter pump that bullshit in disguise.

  7. well, someone's gotta pay for steve's sushi, sake and geishas...

    * * *

    Dear Friend,

    Change is good, right?

    Well, it is if it's a change for the better.

    And I'm hear to tell you on the record — in front of the whole world! — that I've learned how to do something better.

    After many decades of teaching how to trade with Japanese candlestick charts, I've discovered an unbelievably powerful new way to teach this subject with more clarity and real-world "smarts" than I ever thought possible.

    As the "father" of Japanese candlestick charting in the western world, I know this topic inside and out. I can teach it in my sleep.

    That's why I was so surprised – or maybe blindsided is a better word – when I recently discovered an even better way to teach candle charting.

    Let me go back a little so it makes better sense...

    You see, I've always focused my live teaching engagements on delivering rock-solid principles that I've become an expert on over the years.

    My philosophy has always been to teach these correct principles and let you use them within your own methods to improve your trading.

    But when I taught a recent group of seminar attendees, the light suddenly came on!


    Just recently, I was teaching a live trading workshop for one of my institutional clients.

    This was my first time teaching in such a hands-on, real-world environment.

    It was exhilarating!

    A few days after this session I had a mind-opening epiphany.

    "How about taking my public seminars on candle charting principles to the next level and focus more on trading strategies? Specifically when to enter and exit trades!"

    During all of my "classic" 2-day seminars, I'm able to take traders to "level 10" on a candlestick knowledge scale of 1 to 10. That's pretty darned good (as you can see from the testimonials below).

    I have worked night and day developing these ALL-NEW intensely practical ways to use candlesticks!

    The result? I'm ready to take you WAY beyond what I've been able to teach before.

    I'm taking you to LEVEL 15!

    * * *
  8. Risk - you obviously have no education in candlestick analysis. Again, thank you for your well thought out comments, now please get back to your $500 million hedge fund since you are obviously a very skilled trader. Maybe we'll see you on the cover of Trader Magazine next month? :D
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    If you need to take a course on candlesticks then I recommend buying a gun from your local redneck gunshop and put yourself out of your misery.
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    You can usually spot the bullshit just by looking at how it's marketed. His website has ALL the red flags: freebies, bonuses, "register now and save $$$" etc, etc.
    A course/seminar with any value will sell itself, IMO.
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