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    Over the past month or so I've noticed an increase in the number & frequency of webinars put on by Steve Nison. As most of you know these are promotional things for his educational materials. I've attended a few of these and since they are live you tend to get a little material that was not there in others...BUT what is starting to bother me is

    Does all of these promotional webinars hurt the credibility of Steve Nison and his information thus reducing him to the status of just another promoter? Is he becoming one of thise people that can't trade, but only want to sell educational materials? What do you think?

    I am personally not going to attend anymore webinars of his and I've purchased my last book of his.
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    No. Steve, like everyone else selling their trading systems and secrets, is massively wealthy from trading his own money.

    This promoter "thng" is really a charitable way for Steve to "give back". In fact, Steve is in Africa right now solving their hunger problem by teaching villagers "candlestick charting". It is expected that by December of 2009 there will be no more poor people on the planet, as Steve's trading techniques spread throughout the world.

    Thank God for Steve and candlesticks.
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    I took one of his all day seminars which I felt was work it. Someone in the class asked him if he traded and he said no. Said he is to busy training people all of the world and on Wall Street and doesn't have time to trade.



  4. It's funny da-net that you bring this up. I am an avid candlestick trader. It just works for me. I started with Nison and have many of his materials. And it seemed for awhile that he was in the education business.

    Now, as you've pointed out, Nison is a marketing whore. I sent him an email a few months back expressing my views of him partnering up with low-lifes like Price Headley. I know that I am just one lost customer, but hopefully this post will serve as a service to others.

    Nison's initial books are very good. I'll put some links below my post here for anyone interested. Outside of those books however, you are better of spending your time and energy in front of the the computer screen. Nison does not have any magic new formula (his new recent push) or have a marketing partner that will teach you the grail.

    I think it comes down to the fact that his well was/is running dry. You can only survive off a few books for so long. And with a quick google search, you can find many of the things he discusses in those very books.

    Books from Nison that I recommend (through

    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, Second Edition (Hardcover):

    The Candlestick Course (Paperback):

    Outside of that, don't spend the money with him. Spend your time and money putting the ideas into practice.

    One last note - the smaller the timeframe, the less reliable candlestick analysis in and of itself becomes. In other words, if you are using a 3 min chart, you'll need more than just candlestick analysis IMO.

    And if you are looking for a great educational resource, see this post on ET that I wrote:
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    that was really funny :)))))