Steve McNair killed

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  1. shot.
  2. bronks


  3. Gotta hand it to ya Bronks, you've got the best taste in the Dailys.
  4. 5 bucks says a jealous love interest of the 20 year old girl shot his ass. If shes that hot I'd drop a set of balls in there.

    Rennick Holmes Silver out:cool:
  5. I heard Plax's gun fell out of his pocket again. Killed 'em both...
  6. sounds like the movie 'fatal attraction". guy cheats on his wife with girlfriend. then cheats on girlfriend. girlfriend gets pissed and goes after him.
  7. damn, what a crazy ass ho.
  8. Jungle Fever
  9. I am surprised the 20 year old Iranian ho didn't use a bomb. Maybe she forgot to bring it.
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