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should humans be bred

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  1. Humpy


    The great Steve Jobs is retiring from Apple - the firm he is credited with guiding to astonishing success.

    1 lifespan is all too short but can we somehow distil the " essence of Jobs " to inspire others ? Probably

    He has children. Maybe they will carry on with such original thoughts and innovation ?

    The business, science competition is hotting up around the world as billions more children are educated. If the breeding of say dogs is well recognised and known then why not humans. The RACE is on for excellence, while the losers resort to rioting and hate.
  2. lionline


    i don't know about the future of apple, but one thing is for certain.

    Time to short black turtleneck manufacturers.
  3. Humpy


    nature or nurture.

    Probably a bit of both.

    Do clever people have clever children ? I don't know and it would be interesting to find out.

    I wonder how that artificial insemination programme by olympic athletes and nobel prize winners is working out. Are the children rational human beings or some sort of monsters with no feelings for others.

    So many graduate from Universities etc. and can tell you all about their subject in great detail and have 1st degrees to prove it but will never have original thoughts. And that is where the problem lies in this financial crisis. Will Govts opt for a great spend to kickstart their economies ( Keynsian ) or strangle their economies with Hayek's ideas ?

    Surely those 2 imposters have been tried and will more or less fail if tried again.

    It would be worthwhile to find a new Steve Jobs with original ideas.
  4. the fawning over steve jobs is nauseating.

    women and girlie men, which are in excess supply.
  5. Humpy


    This thread is nothing to do with Nazism or Dr. Mengele, so rest easy Jewish friends.

    It is interested in finding or perhaps even making top people
  6. And what is the point of you bringing this up? Its not funny at all.
  7. Humpy


    If I was being funny it would be in the joke section
  8. Clever. That kind of thing is still inappropriate for this thread,
  9. Humpy


    Every parent has surely wondered if and how they could help their children to attain success.

    Perhaps from ignoring them like the British Victorians ?
    Or reading them bed-time stories
    Or playing games that test the intellect
    Or taking them to museums etc.
    Or giving them musical instruments, PCs etc

    Or what ?

    Is your child a natural prodigy or maybe you can teach him/her a way of life to achieve. Like "think positive"