Steve Jobs to meet with President Obama Today

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    If he is indeed a buddhist, he will most certainly return. At the risk of sending this thread to the Religion file a quick study on Hinduism -- the oldest recorded religion in the world -- is in order for anyone who walks this earth. Read 2:22

    One must first accept the path to enlightenment.

  2. What are you saying, don't sell Apple stock short?!!
  3. Disregarding Iron Age mythology for the nonsense that it is?
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    What the hell did it mean? In 30 word or less.I couldn't work it out.Spent about 30 sec. thinking about it.
  5. Now where are the jack-asses who say that Obama is not approachable :D :D
  6. Here's an article about Obama's tech meeting:,0,6414291.story

    "Obama goes West to meet high-tech moguls "

    "WASHINGTON — President Obama was scheduled to meet privately Thursday with some of Silicon Valley's top executives in a West Coast trip to sell the innovation agenda he unveiled in last month's State of the Union address.

    White House officials said the president sought the meeting as part of an ongoing dialogue with business leaders about how to strengthen the economy.

    Among the dozen technology industry leaders who were invited to dine with the president Thursday were Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

    'This is a part of our economy that has been a huge contributor to economic growth in the last several decades … and we expect will continue to be,' White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, adding the sector is a model for the "kind of economic activity that we want to see in other cutting-edge industries."

    Although the focus was to be the economy, it was likely that a range of other topics would emerge from the discussion. The House of Representatives is considering legislation to block an FCC order aimed at preserving open access to the Internet.

    The chief executives of Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Twitter, Oracle and Netflix were also expected to attend, as was Steve Westly, former California state controller and a 2006 candidate for governor.

    Westly chaired the president's 2008 campaign in the state and attended last month's White House state dinner honoring the Chinese leader. Westly hosted Obama on his most recent visit to the state, last October, for fundraisers at his Atherton home benefiting now-Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris and the Democratic National Committee.

    Several other dinner participants, like Westly, were prominent financial supporters of the president in his 2008 campaign. But the White House insisted the meeting Thursday was not political.

    The president continues his trip Friday with a visit to Intel's semiconductor manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Ore. He'll also speak about education and competition in the global economy, the White House said.

    Obama has been traveling throughout the country promoting investments in expanded broadband, education and renewable energy — initiatives announced in his State of the Union address in January under the slogan of 'Winning the Future.'"
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    You should try and approach him, and see what happens :)

    This is a smart meeting. In the public eye it keeps him current, which has been the least of his problems in his campaign/term. He also realizes that sites like Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest social outlets in the world which is a great thing to have their leaders on board to spread the "vision".

    Also, maybe he wants to invest in Twitter. Don't they have their IPO coming up soon?