Steve Jobs Resigns

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    Brillaint man. I love to hear him speak. And what a comeback story. Tossed out by his own hire, only to come back and do it all over again.
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    Is this thing gonna reopen tonight?
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    IB has them halted. Suxs, tried to short.
  5. RIP apple.
  6. It is beyond ludicrous to think that this company will stop inovating and creating revolutionary products. No matter what happens to the price right now Apple had sales close to $30 billion in 1 quarter. That's solid cash flow generation. You'll have to look hard to find any company that can bring down $20 billion every quarter, and that <b>ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT CHANGE.
  7. The company is probably good for one more generation of great stuff.

    And then the pipeline starts tailing off.

    Anytime between now and January is a likely good jumping off point.
  8. So you would jump off of a train that makes $30 billion a quarter?

  9. No doubt apple is a very healthy cash rich company right now.

    But the key for its future depends on if apple can still come up with the next ipad/iphone equivalent innovation in the coming years without steve.

    any ceo at that level can autodrive the existing ipad/iphone refreshes, but those markets change on a dime. it's all about catching the next hardware innovation. Otherwise it will just turn into microsoft, leeching off its existing product lines, flat.

    can apple do it? i have serious doubts without jobs at the helm.

    Their latest - apple tv was met with mixed results, but trying to change that with the ios5 upgrade that let you wireless sync ipad/iphone to tv 100%.
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