Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

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  1. I just finished putting on a huge put position.

    Just luck
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  3. its a tradition here on et, just wanted to feel what it was like to like through my teeth

    very muted reaction in aapl, not unexpected by me.
  4. Macho


    You are very lucky to have any teeth left.:D
  5. Apple is Cooked!

    Get it? Because Tim Cook is taking over? Ha! I kill me!
  6. Sad day for consumers everywhere. And for his family, too, as I assume this is strictly health related.

    All the best, Steve.

    And you did it, man, you left a 'ding' in the universe.
  7. Larson

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    Most definitely. He turned Apple into a powerhouse innovator with no equal.

  8. spoke like a true girlie man.

    speaking of which.

    no one wants to admit it, but aaples secret is they appeal to WOMEN and Girlie Men.

    thats right.

    thats their market. Women love to overpay , and girlie men, well, I'll leave that to your vivid imaginations.
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