steve jobs only 6 weeks to live?

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  1. You'd think that if its possible to beat by any stretch he'd find out and has the resources to do it. Now, whats the best thing to do untill the lights go out on the only existence you get.
  2. Buy AAPL Puts?
  3. Maybe that flash crash was someone founding out this report before anyone else
  4. I have a friend undergoing chemo (Stanford 5) for Hodgkin's at Stanford. She was at the hospital when she and heard that Jobs was in the building. I texted her on another matter and she mentioned it. She didn't see him at the Center, however.

    I am short the shares, but this is really unfortunate. Jobs would not be a candidate for another transplant.
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    What a horrible thing to happen. God Bless him, he is a brilliant man.

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    The greatest US tech iconoclast. There will never be another one like him.
  7. Yup......I remember Apple was dying when I was 10 years old. I tried to save Apple by donating my grocery receipts back in the days............(i still don't know how that would've saved Apple).
  8. Incredible CEO. To take a company from near death to more valuable than Microsoft is absolutely amazing. Jobs really is a genius.
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