Steve Jobs had a Liver Transplant

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  1. Interesting. So all the crap posted months ago about "shorts conspiring" was just that - crap.
  2. Anyone could look at his appearance and tell he was sick.

    All time favorite entreprenuer. Maybe he has some more miles

  3. hughb


    He told us he had a hormonal imbalance. That's not a reason to get a liver transplant.
  4. Your reading comprehension is not very good.

    In August of 2004, Jobs disclosed that he had been treated for a form of pancreatic cancer.

    The hormone imbalance was announced on Jan. 5th of this year.

    It would not be all too uncommon for the cancer that Jobs had, to have metastasized in other organs, such as the liver.

    The 5-year survival rates for liver cancer are not all that high. Hopefully, Jobs will beat the odds.
  5. good, let him die
  6. You having a bad day aren't you bro'.
  7. I wish him the best on his recovery. Hopefully he gets better.
  8. where did he get his new livers?
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