Steve Irwin the croc guy just died

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  1. Steve Irwin just died.
  2. Gee... thanks for lettin' us know!

    *shakes head slowly* ...

    HOW, oh HOW could this have happened!!!

    I lion must have killed him.

    *sobs tears of grief*

  3. It was a stingray while he was diving.
  4. C'mon Coinz, instead of having a conversation between two of your aliases, you should be working to improve your demo trading account. :D
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  6. How'd the stingray get in his car while he was driving??!! :eek:
  7. Funny Longhorns.... That "demo" account you're talking about ... I'm working on a 500% a year model.


  8. Yeah, 500% troll model.:p
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    Umm are you seriouse? Stingray's can fly, I don't know anyone that doesn't know that...
  10. 500% of nothing = what Coinz is worth. :cool:
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