Steve Fossett: Turn yourself in

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  1. Fossett's ID and cash were found in the California wilderness. No wreckage around. It's only a matter of time til you're spotted................
  2. They found remains.
  3. but are uncertain at this time if the 'small amount' of human remains are his...

    i dont see any reason why they wouldnt be, however just for the skeptics out there, there havent been any dna tests done yet.
  4. r-in


    He crashed in the wilderness, so it is possible all thats left is what was left after the bear was full. Who knows maybe he wanted to ditch the old lady and yet let her make out on insurance.
    Where are all the guys that had a massive bitch thread when Sam Walton's kid crashed? Everyone was all upset about the rich guy taking risks. Fossett lived for those risks.