Steve Fossett-still not found?

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  1. Area 51 looking better and better, as far as conspiracy theories go.

    Seriously, one of the richest guys around, family would like him declared dead, not a zot of a chance of finding him.

    The search area is ridiculously big, but come on.......maybe ron pauls blimp could be put to good use.

    This isn't the freakin bermuda triangle, you know?:eek:
  2. JB3


    I don't understand why the family just doesn't post a 5 million dollar reward publicly to anyone who finds him. Then you will have every bounty hunter, treasure hunter, and average joe looking for him on their own dime and time.
  3. I think he is the guy that ran away with Drew Peterson's wife.
  4. That's the whole point. They don't want him to be found so they can ring the register on his fortune. :D
  5. True-you'd have every suv, dirtbike, ultrlight and atv within a thousand miles out there, pickup's full of coon-hounds from carolina, you name it.

    You ever watch the Dakar rally?
    Be something like that i imagine.
    Might lack a little in respectfull decorum, but it would be very effective.

    Yeah-a family with all those resources, and there pushing for a "pronounced dead", i dont know.
  6. I've heard he wasn't well liked. I heard from others he may be in my back yard. But I was down there today and I didn't see anything.
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    I can think of 2 cases:

    1. He went down/taken in Area 51 and the government covers it up.

    2. He disappeared on his own.

    The area is like the surface of the Moon. No trees or any other hidding places. It is really hard to miss a small plane if the searchers put an effort in to it, even though they have to cover a pretty big area....
  8. maxpi


    How much would it cost to get the satellite photos?
  9. the bermuda triangle is actually one of the safer areas to travel through, legends notwithstanding :)
  10. JB3


    Man, he's dead, ok. We are talking aboug finding his body at this point. When the find his body, they ring the register anyways, and what's 5 million buck to them.
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