Steve Forbes- what's the value of his opinion?

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  1. Never sat down and listened to anything Mr Forbes has said before this week when I saw him addressing a press club and I thougt he spoke a lot of sense and was actually a lot more objective about Economcs than I thought he would be.

    Not that you can trade off anything he says but I thought there was a lot of merit in the opinions he gave about stuff in general.

    Have I been sucked in or do others agree that the man's got some useful things to say?
  2. He can be a bit like Pat Robertson - saying outlandish things from time to time in order to get another 15 minutes ... and stoke the Presidential flame once more.

    But his cash is inherited - there is no evidence that he has a clue about anything, other than how to hold on to (at least some) of it.

    A waste of time ...
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    I don't like the guy, Republican leaders were talking seriously about replacing the IRS with a consumption tax in the early 90's and all of a sudden Forbes morphed the conversation with his "flat tax" ideas, which were never going to be flat.
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  7. Forbes has had some very astute market opinions over the years. Recently he called the bottom of the stock market in 2003. Late last year he was bearish on oil, and so far has been right.

    I've been reading his opinions since long before his father died. He's smart money.

  8. steve's a well rounded intelligent person.

    his ideas deserve serious consideration.

    best, surfer
  9. I agree.
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