Steve Croft (60 minutes) bows, Obama now has a full State controlled, media.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 28, 2013.

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    Max E.

    Not sure who else saw this last night, but this was basically the last wall that may have been blocking Obama's full control of the media coillapsing in a shit heap. Obama is now in full control of the media. While everyone knew that all of the journalists down at 60 minutes were died in wool leftists, i always appreciated the fact that atleast while on 60 minutes they tried to present things from some kind of an objective manner, they all seemed to have a level of respect for the show that atleast allowed them to check their bias at the door, and put together decent news pieces.

    The final piece in the puzzle for Obama has now fallen, Steve Croft, an interviewer i used to respect just gave Hillary and Obama a half hour infomercial in order for them to present their agenda. It is absolutely embarassing, and on top of Croft lobbing them one softball after another, Obama actually had the nerve to cry about the right wing media. This is it folks, there is absolutely no such thing as objective media anymore, there is 1 right wing channel, and 85 fully devout State run media centers to push Obama's propoganda.

    The interview was so bad that even Liberals like Kirsten Powers were laughing at it, how could you possibly call yourself a journalist after getting the 2 most powerful people in the world on your show and not asking a single tough question?

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    Here is the full interview for those who missed it.

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    That wasn't an interview. It wasn't even having a beer with your buddy. It was more like interviewing your future father-in-law.
  3. There was a time when someone from 60 Minutes showed up for an interview with a politician, that politician was shitting their pants. Who would have thought that now we have politicians calling 60 minutes themselves and saying, let's have a chat. Gee, what could possibly go wrong when the government owns and controls the media?
  4. You guys must have been watching a different 60 Minutes than the one I recall. They never had a shred of integrity.

    Do you forget so quickly how they put a lying Bill and Hillary Clinton on to shoot down the Gennifer Flowers story, when it threatened his run for president? Even though they had to know the story was true, that Bill was a lying dirtbag who had misused his office to abuse women and had carried on a long time affair with Flowers.

    60 Minutes is nothing but far left propaganda, disguised as news. You get more honesty from MSNBC. At least they are upfront about it and don't pretend to be credible.
  5. Chavez of Venezuela is our computer model for predicting the Obama admins actions.. they will come after internet bloggers and posters. If they can't control that communication they will be sending police to intimidate people... Nixon did that, they would misconstrue something said as threatening and use intimidation tactics to scare people. Just memorize this: "you going to take that bullshit story in front of a jury?." That will work unless they just haul you off to a Top Secret thingy...

    Democrats have always suppressed communications from Conservs. Conservs are never allowed to finish a sentence..

    Some asshole that I have to be around told me that he voted for Obama because he was so "serene and in control" in his interview on The View.. that's your typical Democrat voter folks! It's pretty hard to live with the results but it's our reality.
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    I haven't watched 60 minutes in years. I didn't even know the show was still being aired.
  7. 60 mins has been absolute garbage from day one.. Mike Wallace was so hostile that he suffered from depression, he was a basket case basically. They could misconstrue anything they got their hands on and a lot of their viewers are activist minions that will go out attacking the latest targets..