Steve Cohen

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  1. In your opinion how does he do it?
  2. pspr


    Insider and little known information.
  3. That seems easy to say. Until thats proven its just a claim. So how does he actually produce those returns with that huge aum? A well thought out speculation is what im looking for
  4. who is going to give some clown on et proof of a damn thing, no less proof of something like this?
  5. The previous poster already told you the answer.
  6. Got a feeling we're all going to find out pretty soon.

    Maybe as early as Monday. At least I'm hoping. It's such great Theater.

    I heard Gasparino went to the hospital last Wednesday. Seems he had his nose so far up a Banker's ass, he couldn't breath. He's ok now, though.

    BTW. I know the answer to the question. You all do to, if you really want to admit it. Because, it's never really been a secret, has it?
  7. Every "corrupt" hedge fund manager seems to have learned the ropes at SAC before launching their own funds. You have to think that there's some connection here even though Stevie seems to be the Teflon Don of the hedge fund industry.
  8. Considering that so many "corrupt" hedge fund managers seem to have learned the ropes at SAC, definitely have to assume there's something going on there. Stevie definitely seems like the Teflon Don of the hedge fund industry.
  9. Stevie isn't trying the win the bet, just change the odds.
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