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  2. Dude looks like a hobbyist.
  3. Greatest trader of the past 15 years, bar none.
  4. all sleight of hand. How the fuck you think you maintain those returns with more money year after year.

    Hitler was a billionaire. Always remember that.

    I understand female hormones can make you a better trader though.
  5. Careful now. That statement sounds almost defamatory. And I do not think that it is right to compare Steve A. Cohen to Adolf Hitler, it makes Hitler look bad :D. What we ought to do is have a little expose of how Cohen moves in the market.

    Take the CROX story for instance. He tells everyone that he is buying and all the news agencies talk about it and after the stock moves up on strong retail momentum the retail suckers get fucked hard. And then there are accusations hurled at Cohen that SAC is involved in efforts to direct how research reports are written to influence the market in a direction beneficial to SAC.

    What do you call that? I am not sure but I would not say that Steve A. Cohen is one of the greatest traders bar none. Because it does not seem to me that his activities are just about trading. But people have got to be careful because you really do not want to defame individuals with large amounts of liquid cash that can be hurled like a stink bomb into your face in the form of endless lawsuits.

    The picture was funny though. Steve A. Cohen looks like a toad who went for a facial. I wonder how his kids turned out :p.
  6. SAC was earning 10s of millions at GRUNTAL on less than a $20MM prop account. Yes, Gruntal. No ECNs, no algorithmic trading.
  7. Why do people get so defensive? It is as if they need to believe that Steve A. Cohen is some kind of god, or perhaps the living representative of Mammon and any criticism of their living deity must be countered with more dollops of fresh Steve A. Cohen asswipe. Making big bucks with a prop account is not news. A lot of people have made big money at one time or another. All you need is to get lucky. What is interesting about Cohen is that with such a long winning streak, he has obviously moved beyond dumb luck. But the talk on the street is that Steve A. Cohen is not the sort of smart investor/trader that Buffet or Soros are. There is more to the Steve A. Cohen story than just the usual financial wizadry.

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  10. lol, who am I defending? Gruntal is about as connected as Raymond James... so yeah, to produce an order of mag return over 5 years is a considerable feat.
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