Steve Cohen on 60 Minutes now

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    Check it out!
  2. this one is going on the dvr

    james cramer alluded to this in his book. hedge funds pressure analysts to upgrade or downgrade stocks. it's kind of amazing that the stock even reacts to these upgrades and downgrades given how low the credibility is of analysts.

    you could argue that SAC is helping the market by spreading more information that the company, allowing investors to make more informed choices.
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    40 to 30 to 20 to 15.

    Stevie cleaned up!
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    What the hell is this CEO's problem? Company misses earnings and has an investigation by the SEC to boot so OF COURSE the stock is going to plummet.

    I hope Stevie destroys this guy in court.
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    Who gets their independent research from "Cameltoe"?
  6. i thought it was a balanced story. the key point is that nobody said that the negitive information was false.
  7. SAC will crush biovail in court.

    cry babies CEO's need to be taught a lesson, perhaps this case will do it.


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    I agree.
  9. i don't get the allegations, because they didn't sign that the information is from SAC? who cares. people can make their own judgement about the validity of the information. if they find it to be BS, they can go long and squeeze SAC, or pick up shares on the cheap if it gets wrongly pummelled. no one would care then? the stock didn't even drop until 20 days later.
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    Didn't look like much of a case against SAC. 60 Minutes is a great show and they usually have a bit more substance in their stories.
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