Steve Cohen Needs to Prove Himself to Wall Street All Over Again

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  1. "...The hedge fund billionaire is trying to rebuild and show the government he’s squeaky-clean. But he has to show investors he hasn’t lost his touch...."

    Cohen and his firm were "disciplined" by the regulators for allegedly "illegally compensating brokerage firms for their informing him of their analyst's reports/recommendations before they were released to the public." IOW... He was given the info to be able to front-run information that was not yet public".

    Anybody with half-a-brain could make big $$$ if they were allowed to "front-run". Under American securities law... it's called CHEATING!!! (Unless it's a member of CONgress doing the front-running. They passed legislation... that it's OK for themselves to front-run the public, naturally.)

    Must say... a large part of our government makes we want to barf!

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  2. Greed, cheating and blood sucking is encoded in their ratty DNA and needless to say that even the son of God could not cure them from this sickness and when he pissed them off, they crucified him!
    It is sad but true!:sneaky:
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    He is "not uncertain".
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