Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System 2.0

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    Bigalow Best Friend Trade is useful on Day charts. Appears to be included in the package. I just eyeball 'em on day charts. Might be good on intra-days too, especially if set up with alerts, which this product sho bettah do.

    Tell us how you do.
    but you probably already know that.

    He tells a good penguin and a drunk joke.

    Presents Tons of talks for years.
    check the polar bear trade too.

    gc bft d 2019 0802.png
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    Bigalow Penguin Joke
    mary spender
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    Have you tested?
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    mr ssp729, no sir, have not tested.

    like to make a suggestion if i may, have a look at what he calls the "blue ice trade", which i call the polar bear trade since breaking bad aired.

    involves the 50ma and sheds much light on price action in general.

    his presentations are everywhere and he deserves imho some support, gratitude and props for the time and effort he provides gratis. like so many of the old survivors you see on et.

    like scat's posts in hardware, who can recommend an excellent workhorse trading rig, to the point of alerting the crew to hot fresh deals. Thank you scat, still hums right along these many years later, no muss no fuss, no nothing, buy it plug it in, go to work.

    you often find bigalow will have twenty dollar deals, on this and that, so if the freebie youtubes make you somewhat better trader, (if the polar bear trade info is already mastered by you, then I should be asking You questions), then let him know! he might have a way to look at the package you are curious about without betting the farm.

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    bigalow best friend trade is part of the metatrader add in that you are shopping.
    even if just one of the dozens of alerts work for you might be worth a look.
    saw they have a 30-day free look.
    ya could get your ducks in a row for a serious eval to be conducted in those 30 days and pull the trigger on a trial purchase.
    make hay while the sun shines,

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    mr ssp 729,

    just fiddling around with btcusd, seems to behave well, don't know how one daytrade's it but looks like it handles like most anything else. haha, famous last words. anyhoo,

    here's what a polar bear setup to the downside can look like. Nice and simple, my kind of setup. bigalow has a joke to help make it easy to understand and remember. it is easily located on youtube

    btcusd 2019 0818 2232, 0040 Failure Swing Top.png
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    mr ssp 729,

    Took a second to find my bookmark but here's the joke that pegs the setup in memory. All due respect to mr bigalow, hopefully the financial results make the humor worthwhile, lol. Now, the penguin joke, that's another story.

    Stephen Bigalow presents on “Projecting Price Targets with Candlestick Analysis”

    btcusd 2019 0816 0312.jpg