Steve A. Cohen gets friendly

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    “It’s Cohen’s ability to adapt to a changing environment that’s his biggest strength,” Infinity Capital’s Vale says. “My biggest fear is that he retires.”

    That was how the article ended. People who need to throw up should remember how difficult it is to clean vomit off your computer's keyboard.
  2. Steve Cohen is a giant in this industry. Something that is frequently lost on many in this board. I have absolutely no doubt he engaged in and continues to engage in many unsavory things. But I am willing to bet he would have done very, very well without that as well. Try this article wsj article. The first hit in the search. For most of his life, he's been a gigantic prop trader, it seems. The twist is he pays a penny a share in commission. This is far more than most anyone in ET pays. And, yes, that earns him "news" that a lot of people don't have. And that is despicable. All I am saying is there is much to learn from the man outside these unsavory tactics. No one's perfect. No one. Ever.
  3. It doesn't put him on a pedestal though, what about others who do the same thing If we follow the same standards for everyone then what will you call the other traders who resort to 'unsavory' tactics.
  4. What a pimp. That shark he bought though for 8 mill, I say he got super ripped off on that. Impulse buy perhaps, we all have them.

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  5. I agree. I want competent & honest :eek: govt. agencies to investigate and prosecute if required (fat chance). I will try to look for other qualities in him that makes him a successful trader and see how much I can incorporate in my own life.

    It's funny you bring up the pedestal issue. People from different cultures have different way of looking at "good and bad". Many asian cultures deify a lot of mythical figures that are "certified" bad. However, they are deified because they have other admirable qualities. And I believe that is the sensible thing to do because that resembles real life. Everyone is simultaneously good and bad. My philosophy is to try to focus on the good and make my own. The bad? well - there are so much above my pay grade...