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  1. Recently went remote using Sterling.

    Have been on lightspeed, hammer, anvil and hydra.

    Its been a month- and Sterling is absolute garbage so far. Data feeds constantly going down regardless of how busy it is. If something actually happens in the market- absolutely no chance. Goes down everytime there is volume.

    So question for long time Sterling users. Have they been experiencing more issues of late? Or is this standard fare? Its absolutely absurd what a joke this platform is thus far.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
  2. the software is horrible and thats being generous.
  3. Is this a new problem?

    Or has it always been this bad?

    Thought this was one of the more stable platforms out there. Had issues with all the others too- but this garbage isn't even in the same ballpark.
  4. i've been using sterling for must be your quote feed and not the software...

    this is controlled by your firm...ask them
  5. I think the problem is on your end. I haven't had any problems with Sterling. I've switched from Laser to Sterling because Sterling was more reliable than Laser. Also because Sterling is a more complete software than Laser.
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    I have no problem using sterling took the problem usually come from your firm. they are the one you need to talk to.
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    I agree with the previous posters, the problem probably lies with the servers and connections your firm is using and not Sterling's product, which they license to use.

    I've heard the same complaints about HydraTrade from people using it at different firms. They were having all sorts of problems, yet it ran great for us.
  8. if you trade remote and are hooked up to sterlings servers directly in chicago how can that be "your" server problem?even with hydra don't all quotes and trades go threw there servers at spartan ultimately? if you trade from an office then it could be your firms servers but if remote its an end problem
  9. Not true. My firm's feeds do not go through Sterling. And they are better than Sterlings compared to friends who connect directly to Sterling. It's definitely a firm by firm issue. If your firm connects to Sterling, there seems to be some feed issues from what I hear.
  10. shredog i'm sure your firm is using its own servers for quotes and fills and just licensing the software.the complaint from me and many on here are we're remote traders using sterlings servers. i'm sure title trading who's sterlings biggest customer uses sterlings servers. there's some type of problem every time the vol gets heavy in the market. yesterday my system frooze for at least 5-10 minutes. if i were in large positions i could have lost 10-20k. its not worth the risk anymore. i'd rather pay a little more and have confidence i can get my trades off
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