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  1. I want to know if this software is offered or
    integrated for DAT brokers to retail traders?

    Do you recommand this software for scalping?
    There is only 2posts rating it on E.T only.
  2. lescor


    The software itself is pretty good, but if it runs off a Hyperfeed data feed, run away as fast as you can. Don't know what it's like elsewhere, but the problems with the Sterling data at Echotrade are beyond horrendous.
  3. What about Echotrader? Does that also use Hyperfeed?

    Has it always been that bad? I was under the impression Hyperfeed was a quality service.
  4. Toonces


    Are you with Echo? If so, which platform are you using? Is it that much better than Sterling?
  5. GHansen


    Hyperfeed is an outstanding data feed and within 70 ms of any NDQS direct feed I've ever seen. Perhaps EchoTrade (Pax) has overtaxed servers or poor connectivity. I too have heard many complaints of slowness and other data problems with Sterling from EchoTraders, so it is a possibility.
  6. have the reports from echotraders been coming from remote or office traders?
  7. lescor


    I've used Hyperfeed for FirstAlert and it was solid. The problems with Sterling started shortly after the merger with Van Buren last summer and got progresively worse to the point that I simply could not trade there any longer, because I never new when the quotes would freeze or just stop working all together. And it was a matter of 'when' not 'if'.

    I and other traders complained and I got the feeling that they either had no idea what was causing the problems, or didn't want to spend money to fix it. There was always promises of a solution coming soon, and "we know and are working on it" messages, but I left with no confidence in the system whatsoever.

    Since I left two months ago, I've heard stories of situations even worse than what I faced. Like the whole system going down one minute after the open, and calling to get out of positions and the trade desk not even knowing what was going on, not able to help. This is a bad situation for opening order traders who have millions of dollars in live orders and positions.

    I've heard that the Echotrader platform (formerly Instaquote) is decent, but I haven't used it in a year and they charge you extra for it.

    I am with an Andover shop now and am pleased with the HammerTrade platform's speed and reliability. I left for reasons other than the quote problems alone, but that was the main thing.
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  9. dgabreil


    I am still considering Echo but it's disconcerting to hear problems like this.

    How are their other trading platforms? Can anyone who is currently with Echo reply?

  10. Heard those same promises about 10 months ago every single freakn day. How much money did it cost us in July. Yes we all still made a lot of money, but IMO I left at least 10K on the table by the freakn quotes freezing every day.
    If the problem still isn't have to wonder what is going on.
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