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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kaga, Feb 25, 2022.

  1. Kaga


    Is it possible to set a hotkey in Sterling Trader Pro, such that it:
    - buys 100 shares if you already hold X>=0 shares of the respcetive stock,
    - and covers the entire short position if you currently are short X<0 shares?
    If so, how to set this up in the hotkey creation menu?
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    I can't say I understand the question. Can you provide a real example?
  3. Kaga


    For example, consider the following two scenarios for the hotkey (let's say ctrl+b):

    1) Trader has no open positions and decides to open a new long position of 100 shares, so they hit 'ctrl+b' to accomplish that.

    2) Trader has an open short position of -600 shares and decides to cover the short position and go flat, so they hit 'ctrl+b' to accomplish that.

    Both scenarios used the exact same hotkey, but the share amount the hotkey executed was X=100 to initiate or increase a long position, and X="total short position size" to cover a short position.
  4. Robert Morse

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    You can't use the same hot key. #1 would be configured to BUY 100 Shares, with a target, like bid or ask with or without an offset and choose a route. #2 would use Buy close out Full with a target, like bid or ask with or without an offset and choose a route.
  5. Kaga


    I see, thank you!
  6. The current platform I am trading with allows this but never tried it on Sterling when I used to trade with it
  7. terr


    I know which platform you're using, but other than that, I wonder, is there any other platform that allows this kind of flexibility/scripting in hotkeys?
  8. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    This is lightspeed Trader. I would never set up one hot key to close a short of any size or open 100 Shares, but that is what this would do. It is possible STP will do this too, but I'm more familiar with LST.

  9. jnbadger


    That's exactly how I have my F12 key set up in Sterling. I have to enter the the number of shares using the keypad if I want to deviate from the default, and use the arrow keys for the limit price. I do this with CTRL F12 to enter Long. F12 is just GTFO of a short at market (set at Current Position). If I want to do a stop limit, I use the arrow keys for the stop price, need use the mouse to highlight the limit field, and use the upper number keys for the limit. Pain in the ass, but if I'm watching something, it pays off. I never use market orders to enter. Only to exit. If I were to accidently hit the F12 key and go get a cup of coffee, I would come back to an error message and no positions. (Because F12 is set to Open Pos. Learned that one the hard way). Opposite with F1, and many other hotkeys in between.

    I was actually able to log into Sterling on a Saturday (can't remember ever doing that before. I just use TOS charts on weekends), mainly just because this got me curious. So I looked for a "Reverse Position" for a hot key setting and I don't see one.

    I don't know if this helps or not, but like I said, just got curious.
  10. Kaga


    If I understand correctly, the property I was describing can be achieved by adjusting the settings under

    Level 2 >View>Local order Entry

    in a respective level 2 window. Then one should set up the hotkey with default order size selected and it should do the trick. If a specific order size for a hotkey is selected instead, then the close all property will not apply. Gotta test it once I get to a computer. Can anyone confirm?
    #10     Feb 28, 2022