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    I scalp US momentum stocks. I use esignal it's great they have really improved it over the years. I am thinking of joining a prop firm that executes through Sterling Trader Pro.

    I ran a demo of Sterling Trader Pro and it is really bad compared to Esignal, the charting sucks and it isn;t user friendly at all. My plan is to run esignal for charting and analysis and just use the sterling trader pro to execute. Of course this means stumping up for both subscriptions.

    What do other people do? I find Sterling Trader Pro almost unusable it's so bad.
  2. you can link esignal to use esignal charting with sterling executions. you have to use version 10.6 still works great.

    you can get a pretty nice discount on esignal if you contact David, one of the sales reps that works will prop firms. You can find his contact info on CTG's page that has the info about version 10.6

    I'm not recommending you use CTG or ESIGNAL and do not work for or represent either. Just giving you some of the facts.
  3. Dump Stirling and use IB it free. Also ESignal has built in plugins for IB TWS in versions 11.3 or 10.6.

    I have used both eSignal versions, 11.3 is ok but 11.4(RC) has all the 10.6 features but is faster now. 11.4 will be officially released in the next few weeks.

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    The prop company I am joining does not offer execution through IB so I cant use IB and I need the leverage of prop so cant use a retail IB account.
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    Which prop firm are you looking at?


  6. neither esignal or sterling trader are colocated, so if you are scalping, they are not the way to go.
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    Thanks for the heads up, but what do you mean by collocated? Please be specific, as I have no idea what you are talking about.


  8. esiginal uses a third party for market data, their machines are not located at the exchanges, which would lower their latency.

    sterling also does not have their servers at any of the exchanges, so their order execution will be a bit slower than a software who does have their servers at nasdaq or nyse.
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    Can you recommend a prop firm (or retail) that you could recommend for scalping. I was considering Hold Brothers, though their in house software, Graybox, is limited leaving Sterling Pro the only other platform option if you want to trade with them.

    Thanks, Magellan

  10. broad street uses das trader pro, which is colocated at nasdaq, so the execution will be a bit faster. for a retail firm, if you want to use an offshore broker dealer, i would recommend, they're far more trustable than other options out there.
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