Sterling Trader pro daily bar issue

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kobran, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Kobran


    Does anybody experiencing problem with the daily bar at Sterling Pro ? It started last week, I need to restart the platform in order to see the current forming bar, also sometimes I see the wrong bar with different high and low.

    I advised sterling and didn't hear anything back yet.

    Anybody ?
  2. Sorry can't help you with issue but it doesn't surprise me. Sterling charts suck. I'm at the stage where I'm considering purchasing e-signal.
  3. Because Sterling is by far one of the worst platforms ever. I had sent an email to support and they sent me a reply 6months later. Not even sure how it disappears like that. If they have any type of outage and you call them they are 100% pure dick.
  4. the problem is that sterling sucks.... but they know that other platforms suck more... I wish sterling was better, but it feels so good, looks good, and trades good most of the time.

    Also, it can't handle the high volume of fed day and crazy news, but change sucks, I will prob use this platform my whole career.

  5. Kobran


    An update came out yesterday for the Sterling pro , lets see if that helps with my problem.

    I agree with you all - it sucks - but works.

    Thanks for you comments

  6. bryan24k


    i have been using sterling for 8 months and love it. simple but clean charts, great execution off level 2 with custom hot key settings, and the overall functionality for what i need to get in and out of stocks is perfect. but i myself have the same problem at times with the dailiy chart bar not being as accurate as it could be.
  7. LSLT


    Use Laser.....much better and reliable/doesnt go down at all.
  8. I don't feel like laser looks as good. Also once you work on a platform for a while, its hard to change. Sterling has gotten much better, two years ago when the vloume got high it was slow.

    How much is laser per month?
  9. Kobran


    I attached an image with an example of the daily bar problem

    NKE - Friday March 18 2011

    The daily bar low 77.30
    The intraday chart low 76.95

    I have to restart the platform few times a day to make sure I get the correct chart.

    Drives me nuts !!

    I'm sure many traders having the same issue.

    Anybody ?


  10. I hate the charts of Sterling... most of all I dislike the speed issues as soon as any volume comes into the market.

    I have a trial of eSignal at the moment and I really like it... it's a little pricey but the functionality is great. After sorting out some of the little issues I find it really good. They also respond with updates to fix issues or make improvements... something that Sterling has NEVER done. If I could change to a better platform that didn't cost $1k a month I would do it in an instant. But for the time being I'm stuck with Sterling + eSignal. Having eSignal makes it much more manageable though.

    It's a pity that eSignal doesn't really have level2 otherwise I would get rid of Sterling right away
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