Sterling Trader Pro Custom Indicators

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  1. Hi there,

    I used tradestation for many years and found it very easy to code up indicators in easy language. Now I am using sterling trader pro and have not got a clue on how to get some custom indicators into the software.

    Basically I require 2 very simple indicators that i could have done in about 30 mins if it was tradestation. So if anyone can reccommend a sterling trader programmer to code this for me for a fee of course, id be extremely grateful. Or if there is any sterling experts out there.

    The indicator values would also have to be able to interact with excel either through some code, api or something, or ideally through the sterling dde quoteserver, or if you can suggest the most efficient way for this.

    So if you are able to help me please shout us back,

    kind regards,

  2. tradelink has couple hundred indicators out of box and it works with sterling.
  3. thanks for the reply but tradelink is very expensive and Im trying to get away from cyborg, tradelink and all third party software providers. I dont want to have to be dependent on them or a monthly fee just for a couple of simple indicators.

    Surely it cannot be that hard. Does anyone know what programming language sterling works in?
  4. spoke to sterling today, and they advised me on their new 7.5 download. I downloaded it and yes it did have lots more new features like much more studies and indicators but none of the ones that i require. Could probably adapt one or two of them to do almost what i require but i can't see how to change individual indicator settings or lengths as no option is given.

    They did inform me that the indicators or any programming needs to be done through the active x api and must be written in visual basic.

    Thinking about it now I could probably get the values i require if i write a spreadsheet calculation, but would be nice to have the visual indicator on the chart if I can.
  5. perhaps ill put an ad out on
  6. tradelink is open source aka free.
  7. hi there, would you mind telling me how i could use tradelink to produce indicators for sterling trader?
  8. easiest way is probably to just choose the one you want from glean, and adjust as necessary.

    if you're doing something that is way off any included indicator, there are tutorials you can watch that show how to program custom ones.