Sterling Trader Pro - API

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by davey11372, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I am trying to add some functionality to the Sterling platform and would like to get some guidance. I am not a programmer and hence need help.

    I would prefer the API to have an Excel FrontEnd - because I want to integrate the Sterling ExcelDDE tool and would also like to create macros using VB.

    1. I want to import Data from the Sterling Trade Monitor Open Orders Tab (for my account) (ideally for a specific Ticker), but if easier all information from the Open Orders Tab

    2. Then I want to be able to send 'Cancel Orders' requests from the API interface .......... this will be rule based ....... so, be able to auto send Cancel Order requests based on rules/conditions referencing the data imported/populated from the Open Orders Tab

    3. If possible, I would like to incorporate OCO (one cancels other) functionality in the interface

    4. I would like to be able to Enable/Disable the API application using a Command Button (start/stop etc) and be able to do the same (start/stop) via a keyboard Hotkey (preferably the toggle type)

    This is a summary of the project objective .... any guidance/help would be appreciated.

    As per the Sterling ActiveX API documentation - it is recommended to "steer away" from C++, Java in developing an API for the Sterling Platform.